DHomesb Final Exam – CCNA Discovery: Networking for Home and Small Businesses (Version 4.0)


Refer to the exhibit. The security policy of an organization allows employees to connect to the office intranet from their homes. Which type of security policy is this?
remote access

What two commands can be used to form a new binding if client information does not agree with the DHCP client table? (Choose two.)
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

For devices that do not autosense, which connection requires a crossover cable?
PC port to PC port

Which adapter card would be required for a PC to exchange information with other PCs on a LAN?

Which wireless technology provides mutual two-way authentication?

What component of a personal computer is responsible for the processing of all data?

What statement describes the filtering of traffic via the use of Stateful Packet Inspection?
It permits incoming packets that are legitimate responses to requests from internal hosts.

Which protocol in its default configuration downloads e-mail messages to the client computer and deletes them from the server?

Which protocol is used to transfer files among network devices and perform file-management functions?

What is true about a wireless access point that is equipped with an omnidirectional antenna?
radiates the signal equally in all directions

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true based on the information that is shown in the exhibit?
All wireless devices that are connected to this AP must have an assigned SSID of College.

Which of the following statements best describes DNS?
DNS servers are used to map a name to an IP address.

What is specified by the network number in an IP address?
the network to which the host belongs

Which two causes of networking problems are related to the physical layer? (Choose two.)
damaged cables and connectors
overheated components

What wireless technology has the ability to communicate with many devices at the same time, makes use of the 2.4 GHz band, and is limited to low-speed, short-range communications?
The help desk at a large packaging company receives a call from a user who is concerned about lost data files on the local PC. The help desk technician learns that the user clicked on an icon that appeared to be a program update, but no updates were scheduled for that program. What type of attack has likely occurred?

What are two examples of peripheral input devices? (Choose two.)
barcode reader
digital camera

Refer to the exhibit. Assume that the command output is from a wireless DHCP client that is connected to a Linksys integrated router. What can be deduced from the output?
The wireless connection is operational.

What does it mean when a problem is being escalated by a helpdesk?
The helpdesk is moving the problem to a higher level support staff.

Which three statements describe an IP address? (Choose three.)
An IP address is known as a logical address.
An IP address is found in the Layer 2 header during transmission.
An IP address is unique within the same local network.

What advantage does a peer-to-peer network have over a client-server network?
It eliminates the need for centralized administration.

A wireless DHCP client cannot connect to the Internet through a Linksys integrated router. When you type ipconfig on the host, no IP address, subnet mask, or default gateway shows. What are two of the first things you will check? (Choose two.)
if the wireless client is configured for DHCP
if the correct default gateway is configured on the integrated router

Refer to the exhibit. If H4 sends a message to H1 and the destination MAC address is in the MAC table for both Switch1 and Switch2, which host devices will receive the message?
all hosts that are connected to Switch1 and Switch2

What is the purpose of pop-up blocker software?
It prevents the display of advertisement windows.

A host wants to send information simultaneously to all the other hosts in the same network. Which domain will support this type of communication?

Which portion of the packet does a router use to forward the packet to the destination?
destination IP address

What measurement is commonly used to describe communication speed when transferring data?

What procedure will help prevent users from detecting a wireless network?
Disable SSID broadcasts.

How does a crossover cable connect two routers?
It connects the pins that are used for transmitting on one router to the pins that are used for receiving on the other router.

Which Windows PC command line utility can be used to discover the path that a packet takes to reach a destination?
What destination IP address is used in a unicast packet?
a specific host

Which two automatic addressing assignments are supported by DHCP? (Choose two.)
subnet mask
default gateway address

Which network design layer provides hosts with initial connectivity to the network?

Which installation option should be chosen when the current operating system is too damaged to work properly?
clean install

What are two advantages of purchasing a custom-built computer? (Choose two.)
user can specify higher performance components
supports higher-end graphics and gaming applications

When would infrared be used to connect network devices?
when synchronizing a PC with a PDA that is in line of sight

For the second time in a week, workstations on a LAN are not able to log into the server. The technician fixed the problem the first time, but cannot remember the steps taken to solve it. What aspect of the troubleshooting process has the technician neglected?
identifying the problem

What are two characteristics of IPv4 addresses? (Choose two.)
They consist of two parts.
They are Layer 2 addresses and are different for every computer.

Which two statements are true about local applications? (Choose two.)
They are stored on the local hard disk.
They run on the computer where they are installed.

Which picture shows a USB port on a PC?
Why would a corporate web server be assigned a public IP address instead of a private IP address?
The public address can be routed on the Internet.


Refer to the exhibit. An educational institution needs to connect PC systems that use private IP addressing to the Internet. They have multiple systems that need to access the Internet, but were only able to purchase one public IP address. What should be activated on the Linksys integrated router to achieve this goal?

What type of computer would most likely use a docking station?

What is the default subnet mask for the IP address

What are two characteristics of a MAC address? (Choose two.)
It is displayed in HEX characters.
It is a physical address.

Which three addresses belong to the category of private IP addresses? (Choose three.)

Refer to the exhibit. A network technician is statically assigning an IP address to a PC. The default gateway is correct. What would be a valid IP address to assign to the host?

What is an ISP?
It is an organization that enables individuals and businesses to connect to the Internet.

Which attribute must be the same for wireless devices on one network to be able to communicate with devices on a different network?
default gateway

Which statement accurately describes a recommended strategy for end users to employ when they interact with a help desk technician?
Provide as much information about the problem as possible.

Refer to the exhibit. Which option correctly represents the encapsulation of a packet that is sent by Host1 to the web server?

Which Windows command is used to display the configured IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway?


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